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Product Liability

Product Liability Insurance policy indemnifies the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, and retailer against third party bodily injury/ property damage liability arising out of the use or consumption of product manufactured, sold, handled, distributed or disposed of by you. Defence Cost incurred by the Client with consent of the Insurer is also covered under the policy.

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Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance policy covers third party liabilities (Bodily Injury / Property Damage) arising out of the premises occupied by the Insured and legal costs incurred in connection therewith. The policy can be extended to cover legal expenses arising out of Sudden and Accidental Pollution, Act of God Perils, Transportation of Hazardous Substances, Carriage of treated effluents etc.

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DownloadPublic LiabilityPDF

Directors & Officers Liability

D&O Insurance policy covers the personal liability of a Director / Officer in the event of a claim or law suit alleging their wrongdoing in connection with the Company’s business. It pays for damages due to loss caused to the third party arising out of the wrongful act of the Director / Officer in discharging their fiduciary responsibility.

The loss indemnifiable under the policy is defined as “any defence costs, investigation costs, awards of damages (including punitive and exemplary damages), awards of costs or settlements for which an insured is legally liable resulting from a claim against an insured for any wrongful act. Loss also includes payments made by the insurer under any extension, including Emergency Costs, Regulatory Crisis Response Costs, Prosecution Costs, Bail Bond and Civil Bond Expenses and Public Relations Expenses, and Kidnap Response Costs.

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Workmen Compensation

Any employer whether as a Principal or contractor engaging “workmen” as defined in WC Act to cover his liability to them under statute and at common law? Employer can cover Employees who do not qualify as “Workmen” under separate table
Scope of Cover

  • WC policy pays for all sums which the Insured is legally liable to pay the employees in respect of personal injury by accident or diseases `arising out of and in the course of the employment.
  • Insured`s liability arising either under common law or the laws set out in the schedule Workmen`s Compensation Act 1923.
  • Costs or expenses incurred by the insured with the consent of the company, to defend any claims are paid in addition.
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Advantage of Anar Insurance

Anar Insurance encourages savings in the form of investments.Premium given for life insurance acts as savings for future.It helps in collecting and securing funds for security and safety for future needs.

Providing security

Financial security is utmost important for survival in today’s world.Safeguarding family’s finances thru different kinds of insurance can be beneficial and act like a security for future.

Spreading Risk

The pooling of risk can be done from one or more sources. Hence spreading/dividing the burden from a single source.The risk could be single or multiple types.

Promotes business activities

Insurance activity builds and shapes different kind of opportunities as multiple service providing companies are linked once the insurance is matured.

Provides employment opportunities

Insurance is a progressive industry and with introduction and development of new policies in helps in creating new job opportunities which requires special skill sets.

Maintains economic stability

It converts accumulated capital to productive investments.It also helps in financial stability and promotes trade and commerce for economic development and growth.

Assures financial compensation

A financial compensation is provided in many types of insurance. If we take an example of Life Insurance, we realize that once the term has ended or due to the demise of the insured, the compensation is given to the family.

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