How to make a complaint

If insured feels that there was a lapse or negligence on the part of the insurance company in processing a proposal, servicing a policy or processing claims, there are various ways to register a complaint against it with respect to both life and nonlife insurance.

Write to insurer

Send a written complaint, with supporting documents, to the insurer’s grievance redressal officer, and get an acknowledgement. Contact details are available on policy document and web sites of the insurer or the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority .

Time limit

The insurance company is required to address the complaint within 15 days of its receipt. The complainant should have made a Representation to the Insurer, named in complaint, the Insurer, either should have rejected the complaint, or the complainant should not have received any reply, within stipulated time. If it doesn’t, or if insured are not satisfied with the response, insured can lodge a complaint with the IRDA.

Contact Irda

Insured can either approach the grievance redressal cell of the consumer affairs department of IRDA (complaints@irda. or by calling on 155255 (or) 1800 4254 732, or fill in the complaint registration form available on IRDA website.

Ombudsman or civil court

If insured are still not satisfied, insured can approach the insurance ombudsman or file a civil complaint against the insurer before a civil court.


Insured can also use the Integrated Grievance Management System of IRDA to register and monitor the complaint at Register by filling out details, and once the complaint is registered, insured will be allotted a token reference number.

Points to note

> Before approaching the IRDA, it is important to lodge a complaint with the relevant insurance company.

> The IGMS system also allows the policyholder to amend his complaint midway.